Note:  HyperGrid viewer information for experienced users is at the bottom of this page. 

The JJIE Virtual World Grid project recommends the Firestorm Viewer for avatars to enter our world.

We can offer technical support to anyone logged inworld using the Firestorm Viewer. It is recommended you create your JJIE Virtual Wolrd avatar account before downloading the viewer. Then your avatar’s name and password are ready and you can log into the world immediately. Note that when first opened, the Firestorm Viewer may ask you if you want to create an account. Do not use those links. Create your JJIE avatar account here.

Start by downloading the Firestorm Viewer here:


BEFORE clicking the download button >>>>

READ CAREFULLY to verify you are downloading the version for your operating system AND for use in OPENSIM.

Install and open the software. It will open to the viewer splash page with the Firestorm logo.  The viewer is designed to log you into several different virtual worlds.

Now, you must add the JJIE VW Grid to your Firestorm Viewer Location menu so you will be able to access the JJIE VW Grid.

You will be using the complete JJIE VW Grid’s URI (uniform resource identifier) address below
Note: Our virtual world may be offline. 
Contact Gwenette Writer Sinclair if you would like to schedule a time to visit.

The steps in the following illustration (2016: it may be different as the viewer is updated) prepare your Firestorm Viewer to access the JJIE VW Grid:

JJIE Viewer Grid Addding World to Grid Manager

Next, verify the viewer has set itself to the JJIE VW Grid and log in your avatar.  You should see the JJIE Virtual World webpage as the background to your viewer splash screen now, with our world name and website page tabs in the grey title bar.   Our latest blog post will be in the white main window area:

Remember, to enter/login to the JJIE Virtual World Grid you must first create a JJIE Virtual World Grid avatar account or arrive via HyperGrid using an avatar from another HyperGrid-enabled opensim world.

The JJIE VW Grid hypergrid address is:
Note: This is NOT a website address, but an address to use in your viewer’s map search box when on other grids to HyperGrid teleport into the JJIE Virtual World Grid.