KSU Project Interns

Claire Bohrer: Project Researcher, Public Process Blogger & Journalist

Claire Bohrer is a Senior at Kennesaw State University. Ske plans to graduate in May 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, with a minor in Spanish. She has just begun a Masters of Arts in Teaching English as a Secondary Language, through the Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s Degree Program at KSU. Her goal is to become an English teacher of either native speakers or English Language Learners. Claire has also been running for the KSU track and cross country team since her freshman year. Running has always been a passion for her and it has led her to be an avid fan of the outdoors. From biking and swimming, to hiking and kayaking, Claire absolutely loves staying active and exploring new areas. Her active lifestyle is also reflected in her constant busyness. Claire works at the KSU Writing Center, assisting students with their papers. This is what truly sparked her interest in teaching and writing, which led her to apply for this internship. Claire sees this project as the perfect opportunity to learn more about journalism and the emerging field of virtual world immersive journalsim. Claire is excited about working and learning alongside such an amazingly diverse team, collaborating to amplify the voices of marginalized youth in the Georgia Juvenile Justice System.  Read Claire’s JJIE project blog and her Public Process blog entries


Kassidy Callahan:  Public Relations, Journalist

Kassidy Callahan is a Senior at Kennesaw State University, majoring in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations. She would love to work in sports broadcasting or journalism after graduation, and enjoys pretty much anything and everything that involves public relations. Recently discovering a love of blogging, Kassidy hopes this passion and her new media expereince will contribute to her work on the JJIE project . Kassidy is perfectionist through and through, thanks to her father being a Marine. See her twitter stream @kassidycallPR.  Read Kassidy’s JJIE project blog

Kevin Enners:  Journalist

Kevin Enners is a Communication major at Kennesaw State University, with a concentration in Journalism. As an aspiring journalist, novelist and screenwriter, he is an active staff writer for KSU’s student newspaper, The Sentinel, and a published author of a novella, The Crave. Born with cerebral palsy, Kevin is unable to use a normal keyboard and mouse. He writes using an eye-gaze computer, typing one letter at a time. In addition to writing, Kevin participates in road races, biking and rowing competitions, using equipment he and his father adapted. Among the many athletic events he has competed in, Kevin holds the Marine Corp Marathon, the Albany Marathon and the Georgia Tech Indoor Rowing competition among his most memorable.  Kevin’s long-term goals include qualifying for the Boston Marathon, becoming a New York Times best-selling author and adapting his book into a motion picture.  Read Kevin’s JJIE project blog

Ariel Victoria Greenaway:  Journalist

Ariel Greenaway is a Senior at Kennesaw State University, majoring in African and African Diaspora Studies. She is originally from South Carolina, but now has roots in Georgia’s second largest city, Augusta. Ariel holds a deep appreciation of different cultures around the world. Her favorite cultural experience, thus far, was her month-long trip to Nagoya, Japan, where she immersed herself in Japanese culture and language. Ariel is also certified in American Sign Language (ASL) and is an active member of the OWLS ASL Club on campus. She was selected as a Mellon Scholar for the Library Company of Philadelphia’s Program in African American History. Mentorships with leading scholars in Early African American History, Dr. Erica Armstrong Dunbar and Dr. Richard Newman, have afforded her with skills of handling and analyzing primary resource material. Another one of Ariel’s achievements was an award received for social activism and outstanding leadership in the African and African Diaspora Studies Program. As a student activist, she has worked with local community and collegiate organizations for the empowerment of communities of color. Alongside her work as a student activist, Ariel was a Wings Leader mentor with the after-school program, WINGS for Kids. WINGS teaches social and emotional skills to disadvantaged youth in the Atlanta-metro area. Ariel’s hobbies include watching Bollywood favorites and Marvel action flicks. Currently, she works on the Editorial Board for ATL. Read Ariel’s JJIE project blog


Cristina Guerra: Machinimist Editor, Builder, Journalist

Cristina Guerra says she wants to be inspired and inspire others to create meaningful material that creates exciting, rewarding, and thought- provoking experiences. She enjoys a thoughtful hashtag, a good pancake, and a funny movie. In that order.  Read Cristina’s JJIE project blog


Jourdan McGhee:  Journalist

Jourdan McGhee is a Junior at Kennesaw State University. Currently, she is studying Communication, with a concentration in Media Studies and a minor in Marketing. Jourdan is also a member of the music ministry at Impact Church. She lives for singing, movies, food and travel. You can find her scrolling Pinterest for creative recipes and singing loudly enough that her whole apartment complex can hear her. Another fun fact about Jourdan is that she went to the theater at least once a week in high-school, but finds that a hard habit to keep up on her tight college budget. Jourdan loves to travel and experience other cultures. She has been to over ten countries and plans to see all Seven Wonders of the World in her lifetime. In her future, Jourdan hopes to be involved in cable television production, writing avant-garde scripts that have an impact on how minorities are portrayed in the media.

Camille Moore:  Journalist

Camille Moore is a Senior majoring in Communication, with a concentration in Journalism and Media Studies. She is a National Society of Collegiate Scholar member of the Kennesaw State University chapter and currently works at Georgia Tech as a student researcher. Camille has a passion for writing and storytelling and had the wonderful opportunity to intern at Atlanta Parent magazine, where some of her writing pieces were published. She plans to graduate in Spring 2016 and pursue a career in editorial writing. In her free time, when not busy with school or work, Camille enjoys socializing with friends, going to concerts, and catching up on magazine reading and television shows. She is a huge outdoor enthusiast and endeavors to spend as much time as possible enjoying nature. She is very excited to be a part of the virtual world immersive journalism team and looks forward to collaborating with all the team members.  Read Camille’s JJIE project blog

Anastaciah Ondieki:  Journalist

Anastaciah Ondieki is an experienced journalist with a background in television news anchoring, news editing, and radio feature program production and presentation, among other experiences in broadcast media. Her career in media started in her native country Kenya, where she worked in a newsroom as an Assistant News Editor. While working with the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) she earned a reputation for being a versatile media professional.  Anastaciah produced and presented daily sports and feature programs for the station’s English and Swahili divisions, in addition to anchoring the station’s nightly Television and Radio News. Her passion for excellence and exceptional performance at the KBC led her to win the station’s Best News Anchor award in 2002 and win acclaim from local bloggers who ranked her among the top News Anchors in the country. Her career in Kenya spanned 5 years. She moved to the USA in 2003 and lives in Dallas, GA with her husband and 4 wonderful sons. She holds an Associate’s Degree in Journalism from the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication and is currently a Junior at Kennesaw State University, pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communication with a concentration in Media Studies. Besides working to develop her career, she is also passionate about music and released her first gospel CD in April 2015.  Read Ann’s JJIE project blog

Linda Spector:  Public Relations, Journalist

Linda Spector is a Senior at Kennesaw State University.  She moved to Kennesaw in 2001 to provide her family with a small community environment. A journalist, social media professional and licensed insurance agent, Linda is a proud member of the JJIE Virtual World Project. She writes for Kennesaw Business News Examiner, Atlanta Political Examiner and CBS Local Atlanta. Her company, Spector Media Communications, focuses on creating and maintaining digital community relationships. In 2014, Linda interned for the Georgia General Assembly. She worked directly with Juvenile Justice Committee Chairman Tom Weldon and JJC Sub-Committee Chairman Andy Welch. During that time, she developed relationships with a diverse group of government officials and staff, while enjoying open dialogs with legislators, constituents and organization representatives. Linda was a staff writer for KSU’s student newspaper, The Sentinel, in 2012, where she started the “Ask Linda” column, and also earned the Best News Story Award for “Remembering Jerry Coleman.” Linda’s passion for community youth stems from her love and support of her own children. As much as time permits, she is active in the Autistic/Asperger’s community, as her oldest son is within the spectrum. Linda enjoys all aspects of journalism and the communication field.  Read Linda’s JJIE project blog

Jackson Walsh:  Builder, Journalist 

Jackson Montgomery Walsh is a Senior at Kennesaw State University pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication, with a concentration in Journalism and Social Media. Current issues are a big point of interest for him. He is intrigued about all that goes on in the world, always looking for the entire story lying beneath the public’s view. Jackson is a contributing writer for KSU’s student newspaper, The Sentinel, and previously wrote for the Six Mile Post during his days at Georgia Highlands. Read Jackson’s JJIE project blo

Center for Sustainable Journalism

LEONARD WITT, Lead Faculty
Chair in Communication and Journalism, Kennesaw State University

Leonard Witt holds the Robert D. Fowler Distinguished Chair in Communication at Kennesaw State University and was named an Eminent Scholar by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia in May 2008. In August 2008, he was awarded the Distinguished Service Award for Kennesaw State University. With $1.5 million in funding from the Harnisch Foundation, he founded the Center for Sustainable Journalism (CSJ) at Kennesaw State University in 2010. The Center’s mission is aimed at discovering innovative ways to produce financially sustainable, high quality and ethically sound journalism. The Center produces applied research, builds collaborations and advances innovative projects to test the viability of niche, nonprofit journalism. In keeping with that mandate, the Center now publishes the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange ( and Youth Today. With a combined 1.25 million page views annually, they cover youth justice and youth development issues on a daily, persistent basis with professional journalists. The Center also works closely with university faculty and students and now employs about 20 of students doing journalism, social media and advertising and circulation sales. Witt was a journalist for more than 25 years, including being editor of Sunday Magazine at the Minneapolis Star Tribune and Minnesota Monthly magazine. Before entering academia in 2002, he was the executive director of the Minnesota Public Radio Civic Journalism Initiative.

Virtual World Consultant & Trainer