Your Ideas Count, Write Them Down!

15 Sep 2015 Anastaciah Ondieki
JJIE Virtual World: Enjoying Fresh Air in a Hot Air Balloon on the Beach
JJIE Virtual World: Enjoying Fresh Air & the View in a Hot Air Balloon on the Beach

In everyone’s mind lies a wealth of knowledge that is unique. Everyone is gifted with their own ways of communicating, hence making life more interesting. Imagine going to the bookstore to get a book and every section you go to, each writer has the same  writing style and content. It is fair enough to say reading would be a chore rather than a joy! In the same token, if all artists copied a famed artist and molded all the products  in the same way their “famed icon” did, art galleries, music stores, and theaters would run out of business.

Variety plays a big role in creating  interest. The only way to achieve variety in writing is by allowing different ideas to the table, then consolidating them to form a cohesive story. In the same manner, to achieve a tasty meal, a good cook takes his knowledge of his recipe and assembles his ingredients, then cooks them taking into consideration what needs to cook first.

Tying this information to my favorite quote from the exercise Gwenette gave  us, “Putting it on paper let’s you start fixing it,” all ideas count and an idea left in the mind cannot help anyone. On this note, as we gear towards the writing and actualization phase of this special task, everyone’s input is important. Our goal is to put  our ideas together and bring out Chris’s story in an objective manner, and hopefully shed new light on this pressing issue.