OpenSim Hypergrid-Metaverse
How big is the Metaverse? The hypergrid is a universe of worlds connected by hypergate links. Photo: Maria Korolov, Hypergrid Business

How does one map a virtual reality?  To understand what and where the virtual Metaverse is, and why it is important Maria Korolov’s post and Josh McCormick’s in-depth article provide some basic definitions and excellent perspective on the Metaverse and its future development.  The foundation of the Metaverse is interconnected experiences in virtual 3D environments.  OpenSimulator software, a multi-platform, multi-user 3D application server – which JJIE is using to build a virtual world environment – is one of the primary opensource platforms available for development in the Metaverse.

JJIE Virtual World Grid is a virtual world amidst hundreds of OpenSim worlds.  A self-reporting survey by Hypergrid Business lists a vast number of opensim worlds with a growing population of new worlds added almost daily.  Individual OpenSim worlds can be connected to each other via the HyperGrid teleport system.  Resident avatars can travel between places on their own worlds AND use the HyperGrid to teleport from world to world, as a space traveler would between planets.

Worlds can be closed to HyperGrid arrivals or open to visitors.  JJIE VW Grid is an open world and we welcome visitors.   We invite you to visit often and watch a virtual world under development grow from creative ideas to an immersive 3D reality.  HyperGrid over with your own OpenSim avatar OR visit us by creating your JJIE avatar account.   Explore and discover the potential opportunities for your projects in the OpenSim Metaverse.