Read through these notes carefully, then scroll down and click on the avatar of your choice.  You will be able to modify your  avatar’s look – skin, shape, hair, eyes and wardrobe – when you are  inworld. Once you have chosen your avatar, you will be taken to the account creation form page.

The FIRST and LAST names on the form will be the NAME OF YOUR AVATAR. Both first and last names can have dots, dashes and underscores, but no spaces. They both may contain numerals, but cannot begin with a numeral.  Please use your own name or a fictitious name (not the name of a living, famous person).  Note: When your avatar logs into the world, you must leave a space between your first and last name.

You cannot change your avatar name or email address after you create your account.  Your email address will not be public or shared with anyone.

Note: JJIE VW Grid is a G-rated  world.  Avatars are made with both modesty skins and natural skins. Your avatar should remained clothed at all times.  Wardrobe changes should be made in dressing rooms available at the 7500m level – see teleport maps on each level’s main arrival area.

Once your avatar is created you will immediately be sent a confirmation email.  Once you confirm your email address in the email, you will receive, you are ready to log into Juvenile Justice Information Exchange’s virtual world.   Go here for instructions about how to download the Firestorm Viewer and direct it to the JJIE Virtual World.